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While we make use of modern technology, our approach to business is to stress the importance of personal contact in an effort to help our clients and their families in dealing with all legal matters which might arise at the different stages of their lives and careers.

This might well include the buying of their first home, arranging a mortgage and relevant insurance, the preparation of wills, the planning for retirement or the dealing with tax planning.

Everyone hopes to live a trouble free life. Sadly, however, this is rarely the case, and, therefore we are called on to assist with accident claims, redundancy or unfair dismissal disputes, matrimonial problems, and, of course, the winding up of executry estates.

Our aim is to offer a personal service to our clients through these varying stages in their lives, suitable to meet their needs and based on our background knowledge of their circumstances.

Here are just some of the legal services we can offer:-

  • House Purchase & Sale
  • Wills and Executry
  • Incapacity
  • Care for the Elderly
  • Accident Claims
  • Employment
  • Matrimonial
  • Taxation

House Purchase & Sale

Our local knowledge of the property market is an essential ingredient in the
package we can offer to both purchases and sellers.

Purchasing: In addition to helping you identify a suitable property in our area to purchase, we can offer a genuine one stop service including identifying suitable brokers to find mortgage and life assurance products to suit yourrequirements, arranging surveys, and instructing property insurance all as part of our written fee quotation for purchase. If for any reason your purchase does not proceed we charge no fee but simply ask you to refund any outlays incurred.

Selling: We shall be happy to meet with you at your property without either cost or commitment. At this meeting we shall give our opinion of value and discuss with you the most appropriate marketing strategy for your property.

We are members of Dumfries and Galloway Solicitors Property Centre.

To search for properties available on this site, click here.

To ask us to help you find a suitable property click here.

Wills and Executry

We believe that everyone should have a Will and encourage this by offering a Will service at specially reduced rates. Our Executry service is based on an awareness of the need to wind up an estate quickly and in an efficient but sympathetic manner.


We are all aware of persons who are no longer able to deal with their business affairs because of illness and incapacity. It is possible to anticipate this problem by the early appointment of an Attorney to deal with your affairs. If this situation were to arise, we recommend that you consider this situation at the same time as instructing or reviewing your wills.

Care for the Elderly

Many Clients become concerned, as they get older, that their house may require to be sold to pay for residential care. We shall be glad to advise on how this risk can be avoided.

Accident Claims

If you suffer loss because of someone else's negligence you are probably entitled to be compensated. Sometimes this requires a court action. Far more often, however claims are settled by negotiation. Each year we settle an increasing number of accident claims, often on a 'no win, no fee' basis.


If you are being made redundant or if you believe you may have been unfairly dismissed we shall be happy to advise you of your legal rights.


At the break-up of a marriage, financial worries or concern for the welfare of children can make this one of the most stressful events in one's lifetime. Our experience of negotiating satisfactory settlements in the event of separation or divorce can be vital at a time when clients can often be at their most vulnerable.


Self assessment has placed the onus for accurate income tax returns firmly with the individual. We are happy to advise on most aspects of Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax. The value of property brings many clients of otherwise 'modest' means within the Inheritance Tax threshold. We are also here to advice you on Tax Planning to avoid or limit such liability.

All Initial Consultations Are Free.

For any additional information please contact us at

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